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“We love H&M and EVERYONE who works there. I mentioned this before when we first started treatment: one of the reasons I chose H&M is because everyone is super friendly. And especially in today’s world, a friendly face/voice and a smile go a long way!” — Lindsay

“I just want to say thank you to all the wonderful staff at your office. My daughter’s smile could not be more beautiful! You all have been so kind, helpful, and patient with us throughout Serenity’s treatment! We will see you again real soon for her sister to be treated! We love you guys!!!!” — Amanda


"I loved it there! My very first time was amazing, everyone was nice and helpful. The facility was clean and decorated pretty. The doctors explained everything to me as many times as I needed them to and we came up with a plan, they didn’t leave me out! They made sure I understood what was going on! They make going to get dental work/ orthodontic work non stressful and very calming." Tarshea W.

“Love, love, love Hester & Morris!!! Parker Corbett got his braces off yesterday and his smile is amazing!!!! Thank you all!!! Always enjoy coming in such an awesome sweet atmosphere. Awesome staff!!” — Anonymous

“I would recommend Hester & Morris Orthodontics in a heartbeat! You could not ask for better service anywhere! Trust me, I have tried others and Hester & Morris Orthodontics tops them all! Their staff is one of the most friendly I have ever experienced. There was never a time that we were not greeted with professionalism and care! They truly make you feel part of a professional family. Dr. Morris was great! Some say that there is a cost difference. I am telling you that you get what you pay for. I used a different orthodontist with my son, and he had a terrible experience on several occasions! We also enjoyed the convenience of the Hummer taxi that is available. Wow! It was great not having to take off work to take the girls to an appointment! They just checked them out of school and then took them back! What time and money that saved me! Believe me, using Hester & Morris Orthodontics was the BEST experience I have had in a professional setting in a while!” — Janet

“When my son was referred to an orthodontist due to a lack of space for his secondary tooth, I automatically suspected it was time for a palate spacer. After a thorough consultation with Dr. Morris, my assumptions were confirmed. A spacer and braces were prescribed. I admit, I have never been a fan of braces for very young children. I thought of them as a not-needed luxury, not a necessity. The thought never crossed my mind that my son would benefit tremendously from the treatment. Since early childhood, my son has suffered from sleep apnea and was diagnosed with a narrow sinus cavity. His ENT informed us that surgery was necessary in the near future. Little did I know that his life was about to change. Shortly after the spacer was put in, I noticed him sleeping soundly through the night. He was resting without snoring or gasping for air! Not only was he resting, he no longer displayed a heavy breathing noise through his nose. At my son’s last appointment I was hesitant to mention the improvement of my son's breathing to Dr. Morris. He listened to me with a slightly cocked head, took a deep breath, grinned and said ‘that's great!’ Then he quickly became as excited as I was about the progress my son had made with the spacer. My son received two blessings that day. He is on the way to a beautiful smile and he no longer suffers from a narrow sinus cavity. His last CAT scan from the ENT indicated substantial improvement in his air passage. God is good!! I never would have dreamed a small appliance would end such suffering. I would like to thank Dr. Morris and his wonderful team of angels for their support.” — Tracie

“Me and my family so love this office!!! The staff is awesome and Dr. Hester and Morris are great!!! Thank you for making Jordan’s appts awesome and thank you to Denise for making it relaxing for Jordan while she got her braces put on!!! We love you guys!!” — Anonymous

“Dr. Morris has helped give both of our girls beautiful smiles, and we tell anyone who asks that he is the man to see for braces. He does impress us as a doctor, but recently he rose to an even higher level in our book as a person. Our son has Down syndrome and we figured braces would most definitely be in his distant future. After a conversation with Dr. Morris about our concerns, he asked if he could contact our dentist to see if there were some things that could be done to keep Sam OUT of braces! When most people are consumed with making the most money, Dr. Morris showed he truly is more concerned with the well-being of his patients. The way he relates to his patients is wonderful, but the way he cares about them is what truly sets him apart.” — Joey

“I would like to thank each and every staff member for doing an outstanding job on my daughter’s teeth. Her smile is beautiful :) She can’t stop smiling and neither can I! I will be highly recommending your service to whoever needs it. Thank you, Hester and Morris and staff for doing a job well done.” — Anonymous

“I love how nice you all are!!! I totally recommend you for anybody!!!” — Anonymous

“I really appreciate Dr. Morris. My daughter has had a lot of issues with her teeth since she was a young child. Having been through some dramatic and painful experiences with different dentists, we were pleasantly surprised at the gentleness, professionalism, and genuine concern that Dr. Morris gives, not just to my daughter but to all his patients. Caitlin was very concerned from the start about how much pain might be involved while wearing braces. Dr. Morris and his great staff have turned her worries around and she actually looks forward to her ortho appointments, knowing that each visit will bring her closer to the beautiful smile that she wants. :)” — Terri

“We love everybody at Morris Orthodontics!!! I have never been so comfortable putting my child in others’ hands!” — Jamie

“We love Hester & Morris Orthodontics. They have an amazing staff and have been wonderful in treating our son. It is amazing what the Damon brace system will do and the transformation it has made in Hunter’s smile. Would highly recommend Hester & Morris.” — Anonymous

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