22 Reasons to Smile

22 Reasons to Smile

It’s an instant mood brightener.

It shows you to be a friendly person!

Makes a great first impression.

It increases your face value – thanks, Dolly!

Because they are contagious.

It’s free!

It may help somebody feel better!

They offer reassurance to those around you.

Smiles make you feel confident even if you’re faking it.

Smiling makes you look confident.

They are the gateway to a burst of laughter.

They communicate without saying a word.

Makes you look great in photos!

Smiles are known to relieve stress.

Can lower your blood pressure.

Can boost your immune system by releasing endorphins.

Makes you more attractive.

Makes you look younger.

Makes you seem more successful.

Smiling can increase your energy

Smiling helps you earn more money.

Smiling takes fewer muscles than frowning!

Anything we overlooked? Share your reasons to smile below!

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