7 Things To Know Before Getting Braces

Getting braces soon? Here are 7 Things to know before getting your braces: 



  1. Bring lip balm.


You definitely want to bring lip balm or chapstick to your appointment just because using a cheek retractor can make your lips feel dry. A cheap retractor is a plastic piece that’s used to pull your lips and cheeks away from the surface of your teeth to help keep your teeth dry and ready for the application of braces.


  1. While it won’t hurt, the application of braces can be uncomfortable. 


Between having your lips and cheeks held back with a retractor and just the process of having your mouth open for a long time can cause some discomfort while having your braces applied. Just remember that it doesn’t actually hurt your teeth to have the braces put on! No shots or medicines need to be applied since we are dealing only with the surface of your teeth. Sometimes people say that our materials can create a sour taste in your mouth, but we promise it does not last for long!


  1. Food will get stuck in your braces.


Despite your best efforts with brushing and flossing, food will sometimes get stuck in your braces. We recommend brushing after meals, even on the go, or using a small proxy brush to help get out that sandwich or salad left behind!


  1. You will need a few days to get used to having braces. 


While it’s true that getting braces on is not particularly painful, sometimes our patients do say that you will experience soreness and tenderness in the days after the braces go on. This can be helped by using an over-the-counter pain reliever and eating soft foods. Your lips may also probably feel a little funny when speaking for the first few days as your lips adjust to your braces. But we assure you once you’re used to the look and feel of your braces, nothing will slow you down!


  1. Your bite is this important as your teeth! 


Orthodontists don’t just use braces to straighten teeth, they are also very invested in ensuring you have a functional jaw relationship. It’s very important to us that the way your teeth fit together is healthy because if it’s not, it can lead to problems down the road. If you’ve ever had to wear rubber bands or have a bite appliance applied with your braces, then you know just how important we think your bite is!


  1. Setbacks will happen.


A wire may start poking or slip out in the back. Or and bracket may pop off when eating something you shouldn’t be eating. Setbacks will happen, and that’s OK, as long as it’s not often and you come to see us quickly to have it repaired.


  1. Braces are expensive, but they are worth the investment. 


The overall cost of braces includes the supplies needed throughout your treatment, the visits to the orthodontist's office, your doctor's expertise and experience, and the retainers you will receive following your completed treatment. It can seem like a lot of money but remember you are making an investment in your smile that can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

What other things should people know before starting braces? Leave us a comment below and let us know! If you’re interested in seeing if braces are the right option, click on our request appointment, and one of our new patient coordinators will be happy to discuss your options.

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